Sms Solution

Dishari is one of the fastest growing companies in the APPLICATION to MOBILE (SMS) domain. We deliver SMS to all the networks in India and to over 120 countries using our tie-ups with international service providers. Our SMS Gateway is designed to integrate seamlessly into any existing software system, application or website.

Two way messaging

Dishari offers a Two Way Messaging platform which allows you to receive SMS besides sending it. This gives you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages. This facility is available to all users registered with us.

Short Code Solution

Dishari offer services to our dear customers in India using our short code 560706. Registered users can make use of this service by creating a keyword and if required, sub keywords under this. Incoming message along with its response message is not chargeable. But the customized responses will be chargeable.

Long Code Solution

Long code solutions are offffered by connecting a GSM modem to the server. The keyword and response management system is almost similar to the short codes. The advantage of long codes over short codes is that it supports incoming messages from all over the world and is not limited to any country or region also the cost of sending SMS from the user side is less compared to short codes.