Frequently asked Questions
Why MT?

Key reasons for transcription of medical records:

  • Means of providing the necessary documentation needed to satisfy regulatory and insurance provider requirements
  • Insurance companies will not pay hospital or physician invoices without receipt of transcribed records documenting the claim
  • Evidence in the event of medico-legal liability
  • Medical facility can actually lose its accreditation if their medical documents do not meet industry specifications
  • Enable physicians spend more time serving patient needs than creating documents in order to make financial ends meet
Why MT in India?
  • Cost Consideration
  • 12-hour time zone difference
  • Good English speaking pool
  • Dedicated workforce
  • Quality work
Why MT as a Career choice?
  •  A recession proof career
  •  A career with shortest gestation
  •  A high-earning career
  •  A career that travels with you
  •  High levels of job security
  •  No age restrictions
  •  Option of working from home for house wives
  •  Great scope in Indian Healthcare and insurance sector in the future