Health care industry is one of the fastest growing industry throughout the world regardless of the economic condition. Over the years, medical transcription has evolved into a huge industry by itself growing at the rate of 15% per year. Today, this is one of the most sophisticated professions which provide the vital link between the health care providers and the people who document patient care. India, and more so Kerala, with its huge English-speaking educated manpower, high literacy rates, and the time difference of roughly 12 hours with most US cities, is poised to be the greatest beneficiary of the MT work which will be outsourced from the US. This profession provides a high level of job security and is a portable skill allowing the professional the geographic mobility. Medical Transcription arm of Dishari Consultants was started taking into account these advantages, and over a period of two years, it has grown extensively in this field. We also provide consultancy services for access control, RFID tags, ITeS/IT training, soft skills development training, etc. We are established as an SSI unit under Department of Industries, Govt. of Kerala.


 MT wing of Dishari Consultants is located at Keston Road, Kowdiar. This is very close to Vellayambalam Junction and Raj Bhavan. Our premise is located in a very strategic place and so is mostly devoid of long-time power cuts and other problems.


 We are equipped with the latest computer systems and peripherals, all of which are upgraded from time to time in accordance with technology advancement.

1. Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP Professional Workstation.
2. Free Disk Space: 40 GB
3. Processor: Pentium IV, 2.6 GHz
4. Word Processors: Word 2000, Word 2003, Office XP
5. RAM: 512 MB.
6. Audio: Genuine Sound Blaster sound card with game port for foot pedal compatible with audio player which supports wave, MP3, vox, dss, etc.
7. Internet Connection: Broadband 2 mbps line along with two back up lines.
8. Power Backup: 8 hours.
9. Other Software: Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, Merriam Webster’s Collegiate English Dictionary, Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference, audio conversion software which converts most audio formats to wave format, and E-fax.
10. Reference Books: AAMT Book of Style, Stedman’s Orthopedics, Merck Manual, Hutchison’s Clinical Methods, Susan B. Sullivan Physical Rehabilitation, etc. Any other books if required can be acquired at short notice.